miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013


You know, I love reading and writing.  I post a lot here on FB, a Literature group Ventanas Literarias and I have 3 blogs.  I have also dared to publish 2 Ebooks at Smashwords, free because I cannot get Paypal.  One of the books is in English and the other one in Spanish.  As regards my blogs, some posts are in English and some others in Spanish, it all depends "on the weather"

Last year, one of my articles  about Endo got the second prize with Endometriosis Awareness.
This month, one of my articles (Help) has been included in the monthly issue of Fox.and.Owl [Metaphysical Manifestations]'s newsletter.

Just this week, two different writers have sent me a copy of their books so that I can write a review.
So, even if I am not a true writer because my books are not published or sold, it seems that some people do like and respect my writing.

I must admit, I feel happy and proud of myself.
I mean, I like it when words flow...

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