viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Spiders and Webs

I've loved Dream Catchers since a friend from Montana gave me one as a precious gift and told me the legend when they were not so popular in this country yet.

Now that you can get them anywhere, I always have a couple of them at home although I doubt they are made with the same care and purpose.

Lately, spiders have been invading my house and my bedroom.  I tend to think in terms of signs, clues and symbols.  Therefore I asked Melissa and Lloyd (Fox & Owl) their opinion and this is what they replied:

"Spiders are really quite lovely!! 
Spider (Major Totem Energy Surrounding You) Protection, Aid, Wisdom, Creativity, Dreamer, Architect, Manifesting, Communication, Messages
Spider sits upon the wheel (web) a delicate creature, doing delicate work. Weaving her web (or weaving a tapestry, a story, connecting the past, present, and future. A Seer in her own right, wisely discerning what to communicate and what to remain silent about. 
The Ojibwa people hang hoops of spider webs over their infants to protect them from harmful influences.
Southwest American Indian Tribes associate spider with grandmother spider, a grandmother spirit that lives underground. She rises from the realm to offer advice, particularly before a dangerous undertaking. Spider grandmother is linked to past and future. 
Spider holds the thread, and weaves it between the spiritual and physical worlds. 
Spider reminds us that we weave our own fate. We make the choices. It is our story to tell. 
Turn spider on her side (two sections to a spider) and you see the infinity symbol.
Fear is also associated with spider. As well as overcoming them." 

I've chosen a picture of a Light Catcher made by a magic friend Romina.  This Light Catcher is hanging in my bedroom, it looks wonderful at any time of the day and it always gives me a sense of peace and belonging.

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