domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

God and Sunday disillusion

Sunday, about 6.0 pm

I was still in pyjamas.  I heard a knock at the door and my heart jumped.  I thought it could be someone coming to buy stuff from my garage sale.  It could be a friend coming to share a piece of cake.  It could be a delivery boy with some pizza or sandwich.  I was excited.

I opened the little window on the door and I saw a kind couple with their happy faces and a flier in their hand.  I immediately realized it was none of the above mentioned.  And while they said something handing me the flier, the superhighway in my brain was crowded with contradictory thoughts:  “If I let them come in, I could let them know I need food, but then they would stay for a couple of hours talking about Jesus or they would strongly persuade me to attend their next meeting.”  It’s incredible how many thoughts we can have in less than a minute.  I know for sure and due to experience that no Christian in town gives you something for free.  

Everyone believes “their” church is going to save you.  I wrote an article some time ago about religion, churches and people.(El Emporio de la Fe Each church in town and people with different beliefs have told me that my problem is that I am not “with them”, because it is “their God”, who is going to save me.  I believe in God, he lives in my heart and I try to find God in every person I meet, in every place I visit.  I may sound silly, but I still believe that if God lives in someone’s heart, that person will help you without expecting anything, because he or she will know that sooner or later you will find your way to say Thanks to God.

So, I took the flier, I closed the little window and I sighed.  You know, I tend to think and see things in terms of signs, clues and messages from the universe or God.  If he was trying to tell me that He is with me and he cares, I am fine.  But sometimes, when things are going really wrong, you need something more edible, so to speak.

March 2nd 2013

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